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duke duke at
Thu Jun 24 00:30:34 UTC 2021

Changeset: 51d91597
Author:    Alex Menkov <amenkov at>
Date:      2021-06-24 00:29:36 +0000

8236212: CompiledMethodLoad and CompiledMethodUnload events can be posted in START phase

Reviewed-by: sspitsyn, cjplummer

! test/hotspot/jtreg/vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/CompiledMethodLoad/compmethload001/compmethload001.cpp
! test/hotspot/jtreg/vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/CompiledMethodUnload/compmethunload001/compmethunload001.cpp

Changeset: 2fb3bfba
Author:    duke <duke at>
Date:      2021-06-24 00:30:07 +0000

Automatic merge of jdk:master into master

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