Seeking help back in the land of Rhino

Hannes Wallnoefer hannes.wallnoefer at
Mon Dec 2 13:47:04 PST 2013

As the one who did most of the maintenance work on Rhino over the past 
years, I still have a lot of sympathy for Rhino and would love to see it 
moving on.

For my part I have found I don't have the time or mental bandwidth to 
lead that work (as I used to) or even contribute substantially. I also 
think Nashorn has far greater promise than Rhino, and in many regards is 
far ahead already (ECMA compliance, indy everywhere instead of slow 
property lookup or reflection, compiling large scripts ...).

I do have some suggestions for moving on with Rhino, however. Since 
they're off-topic here I'll post them on the Rhino list.


Am 2013-12-02 18:50, schrieb Greg Brail:
> Nashorn committers -- it looks like you are all hard at work and producing
> something very promising.
> In the meantime, my group is doing a lot of work with Rhino, and from the
> traffic on the mailing list there are quite a few others around the world
> using it as well. Rhino needs some maintenance, and I'd like to figure out
> a way to get that done. There are bugs to be fixed and other features to be
> improved, and it'd be better to do it as the "Rhino community" rather than
> as a disconnected set of forks.
> However, all the Rhino committers seem to have gone over to Nashorn.
> Were any of you on this list formerly Rhino committers? Would you be able
> to give me some help figuring out how to get a new set of committers
> appointed so that we can continue to move forward with Rhino while you guys
> work on Nashorn?
> Thanks, and feel free to contact me privately if this mailing list isn't
> appropriate.

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