determine which property is calling from script using single getter function

buddhi mihara buddhi.mihara at
Sat Dec 14 11:03:03 PST 2013

hi,i need to sent a javascript object to the scripting environment when i calling a global object.let say var foo = Pro.bind('natives')   -   (as a return type i will get a javascript object)
and i follow the structure of jdk.nashorn.internal.objects.PrototypeObject; but the different is i am adding Properties to the PropertyMap at the run time(but in the script it was hardcoded).i using a for loop and reading data form hashmap and add them to prototype map.
but i wrote only one methodhandle function for all of those properties.(but in the PrototypeObject there are setters and getters for each property eg:GET_CONSTRUCTOR,SET_CONSTRUCTOR)is it possible to write like that.if it so in the runtime how can i find which property is calling form the script. 		 	   		  

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