Review request for 8016550: has the wrong default

A. Sundararajan sundararajan.athijegannathan at
Sun Jun 16 23:23:43 PDT 2013

Few test262 tests failed with that change - in particular because of 
--function-statement-error option in This is because 
test262 tests use function-declaration-as-statement in few tests. But 
"bestPractice" tests check that function-declarations are not used as 
statements!!! - So we can not pass both test262 and bestPractice 
(test262) tests by the same run.

I've excluded "bestPractice" tests and removed 
--function-statement-error option for now.

Updated webrev is here:


On Monday 17 June 2013 09:18 AM, A. Sundararajan wrote:
> Please review
> In addition to default change, I made the following changes:
> * Removed --anon-functions/ -af option (covered already by 
> --no-syntax-exceptions / -nse option)
> * Made all short-names to have single "-" (--ccs -> -ccs, --nse -> -nse)
> * Added --function-statement-error for test262 error - previously few 
> negative tests were passing for the wrong reasons.
> -Sundar

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