Nashorn integration with third party libraries

Rémi Barraquand dev at
Fri Apr 18 12:05:44 UTC 2014

Hi all,
> I don't see how what you are trying to do could work. You are 
> executing the jquery script in a context that lacks the key variables 
> such as document which jquery relies on. JQuery is for DOM 
> manipulation primarily, as your error source indicates, there's no 
> document for jquery to act on.
Indeed that's so obvious :) Why I didn't think of that :/
Since my aim is to easily create an manipulate HTML document not 
attached to the DOM, I should rather turn turn toward ReactJS which uses 
VirtualDOM or templating engine such as Handlebars.

@edmond thanks for pointing that out anyway :)
@jim i'm also interested :)

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