Soliciting ES6 feature requests

Marcus Lagergren marcus.lagergren at
Fri Dec 5 08:44:57 UTC 2014

Hi guys!

One of the things we are looking at for Java 9 is to build more Es6 support into Nashorn. There is no JEP yet, but we (probably with Hannes as lead) will need to start creating one shortly. I guess the main focus will be to implement stuff within the Harmony space, similar to v8, Spidermonkey etc. 

The next snapshot build of 8u40 will already support scoped let and consts. If you want to play with this, the features can be activated with the flag —language=es6 on the command line to the jjs launcher.

It would be helpful if anyone who is interested in Es6 support on Nashorn could tell us a little bit what features they consider most important. It is unlikely that 1) the es6 spec is finalized in time for 9 2) that we have time to implement absolutely everything in it.

What is the hottest thing on your wish list?


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