Soliciting ES6 feature requests

Mitia mitiaalexandrov at
Fri Dec 5 09:04:46 UTC 2014

Yield :)

On 05.12.14, 10:44, "Marcus Lagergren" <marcus.lagergren at> wrote:

>Hi guys!
>One of the things we are looking at for Java 9 is to build more Es6
>support into Nashorn. There is no JEP yet, but we (probably with Hannes
>as lead) will need to start creating one shortly. I guess the main focus
>will be to implement stuff within the Harmony space, similar to v8,
>Spidermonkey etc. 
>The next snapshot build of 8u40 will already support scoped let and
>consts. If you want to play with this, the features can be activated with
>the flag ‹language=es6 on the command line to the jjs launcher.
>It would be helpful if anyone who is interested in Es6 support on Nashorn
>could tell us a little bit what features they consider most important. It
>is unlikely that 1) the es6 spec is finalized in time for 9 2) that we
>have time to implement absolutely everything in it.
>What is the hottest thing on your wish list?

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