GC overhead limit exceeded

Tal Liron tal.liron at threecrickets.com
Sun Jan 12 22:03:20 PST 2014

Thanks! I've restarted everything with more flags, so hopefully we'll 
get more data next time.

In the meantime, I've also learned about this Ubuntu-specific issue with 
ptrace that affects jmap use:


On 01/13/2014 09:45 AM, A. Sundararajan wrote:
> Hi,
> The heap dump contains not much info. When I tried to open with 'jhat' 
> tool, I see only basic JDK core classes (Class, ClassLoader etc.) and 
> nothing else. jmap with -F flag uses hotspot serviceability agent to 
> dump the heap. i.e., It is read from outside the process. Such a dump 
> is done without VM cooperation (VM bringing itself to safepoint to 
> dump) and so likely to have very incomplete info at times.
> Starting the VM with -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError is likely to 
> produce better dump.

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