Calling from JRuby (A. Sundararajan)

James Ladd james_ladd at
Mon Jan 27 21:30:15 PST 2014

Thank you Sundar, I'll give it a try.
Will post findings here and JRuby group.

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> Hi James,
> You can use jsr223 API to create nashorn engine from JRuby and evaluate 
> JavaScript. You can expose Java objects as global variables to script 
> (via javax.script.ScriptContext). It is also possible to implement Java 
> interfaces and extend Java classes in JavaScript. Objects of such 
> implementations can be passed around to JDK core classes as well as 
> JRuby classes.
> You can access properties of JavaScript objects via 
> jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.ScriptObjectMirror.
> You may want to refer to 
> -Sundar


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