Will 64K limit be an issue?

Hannes Wallnoefer hannes.wallnoefer at oracle.com
Tue Jan 28 00:06:15 PST 2014

Nashorn has a splitter feature that will split large JavaScript 
functions into multiple Java methods, so script/function size should no 
longer be an issue. We are able to compile and run all large/huge 
scripts in our test suite (mandreel, typescript, pdfjs...).

If you have a large script and plan to eventually run it with Nashhorn 
it might be a good idea to give it a quick try. It should be as simple 
as downloading the JDK8 preview release and running the jjs command 
(even if it doesn't run as stand-alone script you can make sure it 
compiles properly).


Am 2014-01-28 06:51, schrieb Wei Xiao:
> Hi,
> We are using Rhino as the js engine in our project, and right now we
> encountered the 64K limit issue while developing.
> It's planned to port to Nashorn when it's released, so hope the issue can
> somehow mitigated in the new engine. Would Nashorn do better than Rhino for
> this issue?
> We didn't evaluated Nashorn on this yet, so need your insight.
> The reason why it is a major problem is our source code generates JS
> dynamically based on the DB data, and we hope we can benefit from the
> Nashorn performance improvement.
> Thanks,

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