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Fri Jul 4 16:28:42 UTC 2014


i and some of my friends from JUG Chennai/Hyderabad India plan to start a
project codename Gainda (Hindi name for Rhino)

the prototype look like this

load('./dist/gainda.js');[ 'base', 'graphics', 'controls' ], function (stage) {

    var button = new Button();
    var root = new StackPane();

    stage.title = "Hello World!";

    button.text = "Say 'Hello World'";
    button.onAction = function() print("Hello World!");


    stage.scene = new Scene(root, 300, 250);;


Still miles to go....


Thank you and regards,
Rajmahendra (*Raj*)
JUG Chennai Founder
JUG Hyderabad Lead
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is the thing which does not let you sleep" - APJ Abdul Kalam
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