Oracle Nashorn Question

Marcus Lagergren marcus.lagergren at
Mon Jul 21 17:22:22 UTC 2014

The best place to post a query like this is nashorn-dev.

In fact, we were actually looking at this today and we think we have ways to fix this. Partial remedy might be to use —global-per-engine=true, setting, which will limit the creation to one global shared between engines. Right, Sundar?


On 21 Jul 2014, at 17:49, Julien Ponge <julien.ponge at> wrote:

> Hi Frank,
> I'm not part of Oracle or the team working on Nashorn, so this question is best for Marcus who is part of it at Oracle.
> Cheers
> - Julien
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>> From: Timo Frank <TFrank at>
>> Subject: Oracle Nashorn Question
>> Date: 21 Jul 2014 14:05:59 GMT+2
>> To: "julien.ponge at" <julien.ponge at>
>> Dear Sir,
>> lately I found your article on about Java’s new JavaScript Engine Nashorn.
>> At the moment I’m doing some research about integrating different scripting languages in the JVM via javax.script.
>> After profiling some script executions with Mozilla Rhino and Nashorn I noticed, that nashorn’s initialization lasts much more longer than rhino’s.
>> For curiosity I checked the CPU cycles:
>> <image001.png>
>> It appears that the creation of a global object takes a long time in nashorn. In Rhino for example, this step doesn’t seem to exist.
>> Since I found no detailed information about this object I hope that I may ask you about this initialization step, which appears to be a huge disadvantage for Nashorn against Rhino.
>> Best Regards,
>> Timo Frank

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