Nashorn Roadmap & Rhino migration question

Paul Bakker pgbakker at
Thu Jul 31 19:43:00 UTC 2014


Maybe not the right place to ask these questions, but I could not find 
another place to ask them.

1: What is the roadmap of Nashorn when it comes to EcmaScript 6. The 
spec if quite final, mostly bugfixing. Assuming that at some point 
EcmaScript 6 will be supported in Nashorn, what is the policy to porting 
support back to existing Java versions? Can we expect to see EcmaScript 
6 support in Nashorn in Java 8, or would such features only become 
available in new Java versions (so 9 or even 10)?

2: We currently integrate with Rhino directly (not the version what was 
shipped with Java). One of the features we use is being able to load 
instantiate Java classes from JavaScript using a custom classloader, 
using the new Packages(classLoader) syntax (see Is this 
supported in Nashorn so way or the other?



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