How to become Nashorn contributor

Jim Laskey (Oracle) james.laskey at
Sat May 3 17:11:13 UTC 2014


It's pretty straight forward.  Follow the guidelines at .  Initially, you need to submit change sets here and one of us will vet the change set and check it in on your behalf (must meet goals of group.)  After you've clear a few change sets you'll move up through the ranks.

What is your area of interest?


-- Jim 

On May 3, 2014, at 1:25 PM, Iman Reihanian <iman.reih at> wrote:

> Hi There,
> I was looking for how to become a contributor for Nashorn project and I was
> wondering hoe can I start to help this project but I did not find good
> tutorial or help, I thought best way is to ask in mailing list if can you
> suggest me how can I start to contribute on Nashorn project and start
> coding there.
> Thank You

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