Please review JDK-8035312

Hannes Wallnoefer hannes.wallnoefer at
Wed Nov 12 10:41:59 UTC 2014

A few minor remarks:

- Shouldn't ArrayData.increaseLength and .decreaseLength be protected 
instead of public?
- Javadoc of ArrayData.length is missing # for link: {@link #setLength} 
(although it's a private field anyway...)
- Is the (index >= len) check needed in NativeArray.sort? Does not 
ArrayData.indexIterator take care of this?
- Some of the new tests use a mix of spaces/tabs for indentation.

Otherwise looks good.


Am 2014-11-11 um 17:37 schrieb Marcus Lagergren:
> Please review
> <>
> There were several corner cases related to length in general and setting length in arrays to not writable in particular.
> None of the existing run times pass all the tests, so this was a very hard area to get right (added 6 new unit tests)
> I’ve also gotten rid of the special casey length not writable SwitchPoint in NativeArray - now that I have a filter for LengtNotWritableArray that can’t be cast to a ContinuousArrayData in the fast paths, this handles itself anyway.
> webrev at:
> /M

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