Please review JDK-8012518

Attila Szegedi attila.szegedi at
Tue Sep 16 08:50:50 UTC 2014

-what's OpenJDK policy for these? I see we have .idea/* in there; how about we put .externalToolBuilders/* and .settings/* there instead?
- I don't like variables named "tmp" anything. "terminalFlags"?
- New public constructors are entirely undocumented. Not that the old one had quality documentation, but still…
- private constructor no longer sets finish. Why is it still in the parameter list?
- undocumented public constructor
- undocumented protected constructor parameters
- undocumented public constructor parameters

In all the new classes for parser context implementation:
- add empty line between package declaration and imports
- the import ordering doesn't follow our source code policy of "strict alphabetical, no grouping separator lines"
- do these classes need to be public?
- many local variables and method parameters could be declared final.
- I generally dislike assigning an expression only used once to a local variable, e.g. 
    List<Statement> statements = newBlock.getStatements();
    return new Block(blockToken, finish, newBlock.getFlags(), statements);
    FunctionNode scriptFunction = createFunctionNode(script, functionToken, ident, new ArrayList<IdentNode>(), FunctionNode.Kind.SCRIPT, functionLine, programBody);
    return scriptFunction;
and there are more.
- several cases of missing space before opening curly brace
- missing "final"s on function parameters
- missing documentation
- getLastStatement(): consider extracting common subexpression stack[sp - 1].getStatements() into a local variable
- if you made push() generic as  public <T extends ParserContextNode> T push(final T node) then you wouldn't need casting its return values in Parser.
- consider extracting the (flags & FunctionNode.SOME_FLAG) != 0 pattern into a boolean getFlag(final int flag) function

Most of these remarks are related to stylistic issues: we try to ensure everything has a JavaDoc, we're strict about using the "final" keyword everywhere possible (you can have an Eclipse save action that adds them), we have a set policy for organizing imports so that different people's IDE settings don't cause unnecessary noise in diffs, etc. You'll get the hang of it as you go. Nice work overall!


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