Review request for JDK-8025435

Marcus Lagergren marcus.lagergren at
Tue Sep 23 15:36:25 UTC 2014

Guys, guys! This is my review thread for JDK-8025435. Start another one for this, please…


On 23 Sep 2014, at 17:29, Aleksey Shipilev <aleksey.shipilev at> wrote:

> On 09/23/2014 05:58 PM, Thomas Wuerthinger wrote:
>> I understood your remark. I just believe that this restriction is not
>> fundamental to JMH and there *could* be support for languages that do
>> not statically compile to Java bytecodes as well.
> I think this thread side-tracks.
> Bottom-line: There are only two ways to hook up dynamically-compiled
> language runtime into JMH (say, JS engine), depending who is in control:
> a) Ask JS engine to start executing the JS benchmark, *and* call back
> into JMH with an AST/bytecode/whatever in hands, asking to measure it.
> We would need to generate the synthetic Java code, compile it, load it,
> and only then run it, calling back to JS runtime for execution of our
> payload -- all in flight, and requiring the tight cohesion.
> b) Ask JMH to compile and execute a Java benchmark, and call into JS
> engine with a JS script in hands, asking to compile and run it. There,
> users statically compile the benchmark JAR, and it runs with minimal
> dynamic dances, also going through the standard APIs (javax.script).
> While there is nothing fundamental preventing us from exploring the
> route (a), it is not as practical as going the well-established route
> (b). In other words, "could be done" != "should be done".
> -Aleksey.

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