Please review JDK-8059211

Marcus Lagergren marcus.lagergren at
Sat Sep 27 08:06:55 UTC 2014

I’ve received +1 from both Attila and Hannes on this. Pushed to 9.


On 26 Sep 2014, at 14:10, Marcus Lagergren <marcus.lagergren at> wrote:

> This is mostly a cosmetic fix that gets rid of a number of warnings that have been introduced recently. I started out by cleaning up the ArrayData subclasses. The optimistic builtins needed the array data.length field to be protected instead of private, and then no one needs to use the length function internally in any of the array data subclasses. Not that it matters performance wise, but it’s cleaner and the byte code is actually a bit shorter. There were various javadoc issues too in the same change, and some instance methods that could be turned into static ones.  I want to check this in to reduce the warning level and for general cleanup. All tests and test262 pass.
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