Review request for JDK-8134403: Nashorn react.js benchmark performance regression

Martin Solli msolli at
Thu Aug 27 06:56:09 UTC 2015

Awesome! Any chance of getting this into a future Java 8 update?
Performance is pretty dismal on u60 - can't get a medium-sized React
component tree to render under 50 ms, whereas on u31 it renders in 1 ms
(after ~7000 iterations).

Thanks for all of your great work on Nashorn!


ons. 26. aug. 2015 kl. 15.41 skrev Attila Szegedi <attila.szegedi at

> Please review JDK-8134403 "Nashorn react.js benchmark performance
> regression" at <>
> for <>
> Thanks,
>   Attila.

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