Review request for JDK-8133300: Ensure symbol table immutability in Nashorn AST

Marcus Lagergren marcus at
Sun Aug 30 13:05:53 UTC 2015

This is awesome. I want to run some tests, but it looks very good. Nice numbers too.

+0.5 (I’ll come back with the other +0.5 tomorrow when I’ve fully gone over all the code).

Nicely done, Attila


> On 26 Aug 2015, at 14:18, Attila Szegedi <attila.szegedi at> wrote:
> Please review JDK-8133300 "Ensure symbol table immutability in Nashorn AST" at <> for <>
> Implementation notes for reviewers are here: < <>>
> Thanks,
>  Attila.

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