Nashorn webview issue

Chris Root hammer65 at
Tue Dec 1 05:11:28 UTC 2015

I'm trying to get two way communication working for a browser project in
Nashorn and I'm having trouble implementing an HTML to host callback. I
tried this in Java using setMember and it works perfectly, but I can't seem
to duplicate it with Nashorn. Since using setMember didn't work I decided
to use the approach below but still no luck.

I don't want to pick up objects from the window object, I want to plant a
function in window that will call Nashorn code. Again getting this to work
in Java was no problem. I followed the instructions on this page

I have the jsObject wrapper shown in the article and it works fine. but the
code below doesn't work. This is the relevant snip from the load handler.

This.engine.loadWorker.stateProperty().addListener(new ChangeListener() {
    changed: function(value, oldState, newState) {
        case Worker.State.SUCCEEDED:
          This.document = wrap(This.engine.executeScript("document"));
          This.window = wrap(This.engine.executeScript("window"));
          This.window.hello = function(){

As you can see I planted a function on the window called hello, which calls
a method of the webview wrapper (same wrapper as in the article) called

This.hello = function(){
  print("****** hello it worked *******");

I then set up the alert handler

This.engine.onAlert = new javafx.event.EventHandler() {
  handle: function(evt) {

and then finally loaded the HTML file below into the webview.

  <title>Nashorn Browser</title>

  <script type="text/Javascript">
    function sayhello(){

  <a href="#" onclick="sayhello(); return false;">Say Hello</a>

What I get back in the console is.

JavaRuntimeObject is not a function (evaluating 'window.hello()')

Is there any way to establish a callback into my Nashorn code the way it
can be done in Java?

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