Dereferencing properties on foreign script objects creates a new ScriptObjectMirror instance each time, making direct comparisons difficult

Vivin Suresh Paliath vivin.paliath at
Fri Dec 25 21:35:52 UTC 2015

I thought I would start a separate thread for this dedicated to discussing
possible fixes. The issue is the following "surprising" behavior when
dealing with foreign script-objects:

foreignObj === foreignObj; //true
foreignObj.prop === foreignObj.prop; //false

I took a quick stab at fixing this. My first approach is quite naive; I
just have a cyclic reference (see here
<>) from ScriptObject
back to its mirror. It does seem to fix the issue and none of the tests
seem to fail either. I initially used a weakref, but I'm not sure if that
would have bought me anything extra. The weakref would be GC'd when no
strong references are held on the mirror, but I think even without the
weakref, that would be the case. I admit I don't like the cyclic reference,
but are there any other drawbacks with the approach?

Another approach I tried was to use a WeakHashMap in Context. I tried that
approach (see here <>) as
well and it also seemed to fix the issue without causing any tests to fail.


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