RFR 8086032: Add compiler error tests when syntax extensions are used with --no-syntax-extensions option

A. Sundararajan sundararajan.athijegannathan at oracle.com
Tue Jun 9 08:19:09 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 09 June 2015 01:44 PM, Hannes Wallnoefer wrote:
> The "methods" function in javahelp.js should use str.lastIndexOf(']') 
> to get the end of the string, otherwise an array return value or 
> parameter will trip it up.

Good find. lastIndexOf found something beyond the signature part.. hmm..
> I'm wondering why the terminating "undefined" is necessary. The load() 
> function should really always return undefined, it does so in all 
> other JavaScript shells. Even so, I'm not sure it is it correct that 
> load returns the last declared function? Going to consult the spec 
> about this.

Unfortunately, load of a script with definitions prints last function - 
which I think is a bug. undefined is a workaround to avoid printing last 

> Otherwise +1, nice addition to the tests!
> Hannes
> Am 2015-06-09 um 07:15 schrieb A. Sundararajan:
>> Please review http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~sundar/8086032/ for 
>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8086032
>> Thanks,
>> -Sundar

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