Review request for JDK-8010803: Number to String conversion functionality overhaul

Hannes Wallnoefer hannes.wallnoefer at
Mon Nov 9 10:17:57 UTC 2015

I uploaded a new webrev with fixed copyright headers (added Oracle GPL 
headers). Otherwise it is pretty much the same as the first one except 
for minor changes in comments/formatting.


Am 2015-11-06 um 13:59 schrieb Hannes Wallnoefer:
> Please review JDK-8010803: Number to String conversion functionality 
> overhaul:
> This is a mostly complete port of the V8 double conversion code[1] to 
> Java. It includes Bignum-based algorithms for converting doubles to 
> shortest, precision, and fixed decimals representation, as well as 
> specialized faster algorithms for each of the conversion modes.
> The only thing I left out is string to number conversion and support 
> for single precision floats, both of which is not needed for Nashorn. 
> I also ported all the relevant tests, which includes 100,000 random 
> numbers for each of the (shortest|precision|fixed) conversion modes as 
> well as well as unit tests for various implementation classes.
> With this new dtoa conversion we are fully compatible with all other 
> JS implementations. The fast algorithms are also about 5x faster than 
> what we had before. The fallback Bignum implementation still roughly 
> provides a 2x speedup.
> [1]:
> Thanks,
> Hannes

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