RFR 8166296:add documentation for Date,RegExp,Error,JSON objects

Srinivas Dama srinivas.dama at oracle.com
Tue Sep 20 08:49:21 UTC 2016

Hi Michael,
Thank you.

Here is the latest patch with all changes.


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Hi Srini,

> Am 19.09.2016 um 19:43 schrieb Srinivas Dama <srinivas.dama at oracle.com>:
> Please review http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~sdama/8166296/webrev.00/  
> for
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8166296

thumbs up, provided these changes are applied:

+Date.parse=returns a number, the UTC time value corresponding to the 
+date and time interpreted from given string argument, returns NAN if 
+the argument is unrecognisable string

... from the given string argument, returns NaN if the argument is not recognized

+Date.UTC=returns number of milliseconds in the given date object since 
+january 1,1970,00:00:00 universal time

returns the number ... since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 universal time

(returns *the* number / string value / year ... - please apply in all other places) (month names are written in upper case, please apply in all other places) (spaces after commas, please apply in all other places)

+Date.prototype.toString=returns string value representing given date 

... representing the given date object

+Date.prototype.toDateString=returns string value representing date 
+portion of the given date object

... representing the date portion ...

(also ... representing *the* time portion ... etc., please apply accordingly elsewhere)

+Date.prototype.valueOf=returns number of milliseconds between 1 january 
+1970 00:00:00 UTC and the given date

Please use a consistent date formatting. "1. January 1970" or "January 1, 1970" in all places.

+Date.prototype.getDay=returns the day of the week for the given date 
+according to local time, 0 represents sunday

Sunday (day names begin with upper case - please apply in all places)

+Date.prototype.getSeconds=returns the seconds in the given date, 
+according to locale time

Is it "local time" or "locale time"? (I think "local" is right.) Please be consistent in all places.

+Date.prototype.toUTCString=converts given date to a string using UTC 
+time zone

converts the given date ...




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