nashorn.jar is opensource?

Luisa Pace luisa_pace at
Mon Jan 30 10:58:40 UTC 2017


I am an IBM employee that work in legal team of Bluemix, the PaaS platform 
of IBM. This platform is based on CloudFoundry,  an open source project 
and my goal is to analyze with some software tools the licenses of all 
CloudFoundry components and their dependencies to check if they can be 
included in Bluemix without legal issues. 

To do that, I need of the source of all the CloudFoundry components and 
their dependencies.

In the case I'm managing now, Cloudfoundry (level 245) contains openjdk 
1.8.0_101, that in turn contains nashorn.jar.

But I was not able to find the source code of nashorn.jar . 

So, I've two questions:

Could you please tell me if nashorn is an open source and in this case 
send me the link to its source code?
What is the license of nashorn?

Fell be free to ask me other details.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Best Regards/Cordiali saluti
                                           Luisa Pace


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