Function object cannot be called with different context

Hannes Wallnöfer hannes.wallnoefer at
Tue Jan 31 11:12:01 UTC 2017

Am 31.01.2017 um 11:39 schrieb Frantzius, Jörg <Joerg.Frantzius at>:
> As the function object is dynamically created within some 3rd party Javascript that I cannot modify, I’m not able to create a CompiledScript instead.

Then your best bet is probably to evaluate the script containing the function for each ScriptContext you’re using it with. The Nashorn-Dev engine should cache the compiled script so it shouldn’t affect performance too much. 

> Just for some nit-picking, my test was able to call the function without placing it in parenthesis (the error message was '"foo" is not defined‘, so execution did enter the function, even though it does not find „foo“ because that wasn't defined in its closure). So it seems that the function declaration does not evaluate to undefined, at least not when evaluating it using engine.eval() from Java.

You’re right - that is a bug we fixed in JDK 9. For some reason it wasn’t back ported to 8u, maybe for compatibility reasons.


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