Nashorn deprecation

Paulo Lopes pmartins at
Mon Jun 11 19:35:38 UTC 2018

As the "core" developer of JS support for Vert.x this is quite some
shocking news as the project really relies on Nashorn for JS support.
I've been spending many hours to get GraalVM.js working and to some
extent we can run some unmodified application with it, but we're not
there yet. For example Nashorn dynalink and Multi threading support are
not there yet.
It would be nice to hear what's the ETA for the removal, will project
Detroit provide a JS script engine (ala Nashorn and will it be
available as a replacement?)...
On Mon, 2018-06-11 at 14:50 -0300, João Paulo Varandas wrote:
> Hello Yikes. Well pointed... that is a drag indeed.
> Any news on those questions?
> We are completely reliant to this feature in our platform, a lot
> ofsoftware customization is made using ECMAScript and runs on top
> ofNashorn/JDK8 currently. I was surprised and scared when I saw
> that.Hopefully, Jim will bring us good news.
> On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 9:31 AM, yikes aroni <yikesaroni at>
> wrote:
> Hi i just read that Nashorn is being deprecated (JEP 335<http://openj
>>). First of all, that is a drag. Two(ish)
> questions:
> 1) So what is the last planned release of Nashorn? J9? It wasnt'
> clear fromthe JEP.
> 2) Is this deprecation specifically to make room for GraalJS? That
> is, isit the Oracle plan to sideline Nashorn and push forward GraalJS
> afully-supported, not-just-for-research GraalJS?
> Thanks. Important stuff to know for planning for projects dependent
> onNashorn / JS support in the JVM!

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