Code Review Request: 7090158 Networking Libraries don't build with javac -Werror

Weijun Wang at
Wed Sep 14 18:51:35 PDT 2011

>>> 234 l = new ArrayList<>();
>>> Do we have a consensus on whether diamond can be used here? i.e.
>>> assignment not on declaration.
> Waiting for someone's input on this. In retrospect, I feel this is not
> exactly how the diamond operator is meant to be used when I refer to
> although this particular situation has not been commented upon.

Some time ago when Stuart applied diamond to all TL codes, I remember we 
agreed on several rules:

If the declaration and assignment are on one line, we use diamond, say

     Map<String> map = new HashMap<>();

If not, we don't, so that people needn't go back to the declaration line 
to find out what the parameters are, say

    Map<String> map;
    map = new HashMap<String>();

So this is mainly a coding-style thing.


> Thanks,
> Kurchi

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