rsocket Issue #2

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at
Wed Feb 13 18:00:12 UTC 2019

Hi Sean, Lucy,

In an attempt to work-around issue #2 (non-blocking connect not making
progress, reported in [1] ), I have run into a separate issue with
`rpoll`. I think it is a bug, and it will make working-around issue #2
much more difficult ( maybe impracticable ).

The behaviour I observe is that, if more than one thread is blocked in
a `rpoll` call ( with the same socket and events), and the event is
triggered, then only one thread ( rpoll ) will wakeup. I've put together
a native test:

This is an issue for the Java API that allows a channel to be registered
with more than one selector. It is also a possible issue with a selector
racing with finishConnect. These scenarios are not all that common, but
still possible.

The `rpoll` behaviour I observe is clearly different than regular
`poll` ( which will wake up all waiters ). Is this a bug, or expected
behaviour of the thread-less rsocket implementation?



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