Source code for JavaFX UI controls now available on openjfx

Roman Kennke roman at
Sat Dec 3 03:45:48 PST 2011

Hi Mario,

> I think it's a control, after all is supposed to be used to show Swing widgets :)

Yes, but it introduces a dependency on Swing, which is probably not
wanted (pulls in gazillions of fluff). Maybe it's better to put it side
by side with the JFXPanel. Actually I think even the JFXPanel should be
in an extra package/jar because of this dependency on Swing/AWT/Java2D.

> Btw, is there any reason why the code is GPL only and not LGPL or GPL plus Classpath as the JDK?
> It seems weird for me since is a library (we did the same "mistakes" for ThinkgsFX btw).

I think that is a fine license. Why is this a mistake? Why is LGPL or
GPL+Exception better? I guess it depends on what you wanna do with it,
if you want to ensure it's only used in other free software, and prevent
use of it in non-free than that's fine (for example, if you put it as
LGPL or BSD or whatnot, every commercial vendor can use it, modify it
and redistribute the modified version in its own closed software/device
without publishing its modifications, which is most likely not in
Oracle's - and our - interest). On the other hand, it would be in
Oracle's interest to make it available as liberally as possible to help
adoption to begin with. So there's a tradeoff I guess. Pure GPL leans a
little on the too-restrictive/hindering adoption side though...

Best regards, Roman

Regards, Roman

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