Source code for JavaFX UI controls now available on openjfx

Dr. Michael Paus mp at
Sat Dec 3 06:01:46 PST 2011

Right - I just wanted to make you aware of this work so that you can 
somehow coordinate
your activities.

Am 03.12.2011 14:57, schrieb Roman Kennke:
>> I am not the right person to answer this question but Richard said that
>> Jasper has been working
>> on this for a week or so and from what I have read it sounds to me as if
>> this could be a very
>> efficient implementation.
> It's not clear from this thread if there's already work being done on
> this, or if they are only thinking about possible solutions. Notably:
> "But then we thought we were freaking idiots for not just doing a
> Canvas2D Node in the embed package that had normal AWT APIs. In the
> first instance it could be dumb and just do an image copy, and then get
> upgraded to do direct texture stuff (there is some additional
> complication there, notably, the splitting of the rendering and event
> threads, but anyway). In any case it should be more than fast enough. So
> that's kind of where we're at."
> The first part, i.e. image copy, is exactly what we do. We have a
> BufferedImageView, which renders BufferedImage in JavaFX, and we provide
> a Graphics2D which can paint on it. It's fairly dumb because we couldn't
> use or change any internals of JavaFX, but it works well, and it's not
> *that* slow.
> Now... if there's more than this already done in JavaFX @ Oracle, we can
> scrap this and use what's in JavaFX. On the other side, if this is not
> the case, our implementation could be used as starting point and
> improved over time. (We need the other parts of the JavaFX sources to
> help with this!)
> Roman

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