Source code for JavaFX UI controls now available on openjfx

Mario Torre neugens.limasoftware at
Sat Dec 3 08:04:42 PST 2011

Il giorno 03/dic/2011, alle ore 16:20, Roman Kennke ha scritto:
> Hi Kevin,
>> As has been pointed out, anything like a Canvas2D or a SwingView will
>> need to be done in such a way that the core APIs have no
>> Java2D/Swing/AWT dependencies.
> Yep, I think I mentioned this ;-) What is considered core APIs and what
> is not? Is ui-controls core APIs? (If yes we can stop talking about
> SwingView until we get hands on some non-core API.)
>> In any case, until more of the platform is open it will be hard to
>> integrate this in a way that won't produce throw-away code, or have to
>> be refactored later.
> Yeah, that's what I was thinking. On the other hand, the throw-away code
> would mostly center around the painting which will need to be improved
> as soon as the platform provides us something better than the
> Image(View) that we use for now. There are lots of other things in the
> SwingView code that will stay (I guess) which is all of the event
> handling, ProxyWindowPeer and glue code. I'd think it'd be worth
> integrating what we have now (if we can, considering the first part of
> the email), maybe in a package name space that is not public, and focus
> on getting out the relevant pieces of remaining code and polishing up
> the things. (Guys, you want to do an open source project, don't just
> throw out code drops and do NIH fluff... ;-) )
> Cheers, Roman

Hi Kevin, Roman,

I didn't get the mail from Kevin for some reason (it appears blank on
my mailer...), but for what I've extrapolated from the discussion it
seems to me that the code can be integrated anyway, and even if
not as is, it can serve as a good basis for your work, why duplicate
code if you have already a working solution?

As Roman said, the code may not be ready for prime time, but it's
definitely a basis for future refinement.

I'm personally quite excited about this opportunity and I'm looking
forward to share my experiences (and confront them) with yours.

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