Possible additions to JavaFX to facilitate forms and validations

Richard Bair richard.bair at oracle.com
Tue Dec 6 08:14:45 PST 2011

Hi Dan,

Probably we should split these two suggestions into different threads so we can keep track of tionthem better.

> *1. Node annotations*

A couple issues here to think about. First, how would the "annotation" be associated with the node? Since Nodes have no children (Parents do) it wouldn't be a child, in the scene graph sense, but it would be in how it is defined in paint order. That is, you want it to paint last. The picking code and such would need to be updated. Is the annotation outside the clip, if one exists on the node? Does it contribute to the bounds of the Node? If so we might have a contradiction to work through (the definition for boundsInLocal and boundsInParent would need massaging). Also I think for the use case you also will want annotations that can be beneath the Node.

Personally I'm not sure it makes sense to add this to every node. I imagine if there was some built in support on Control, plus some decorator pattern for other nodes, it will probably do the job without complicating the Node semantics. What do you think?

> *2. Control Value Properties *

Oh, I just had a crazy idea. What if we just reused WritableValue? Have value holding controls implement WritableValue. Hmmm.


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