hg: openjfx/2.1/master: Added build scripts that are needed for building UI controls.

Tom Eugelink tbee at tbee.org
Tue Dec 6 12:13:26 PST 2011

On 2011-12-06 20:52, Roman Kennke wrote:
>> I think modifying the build scripts so that they also produce maven-compatible artifacts is fine, I know this has been asked for frequently. We don't know how to do it though (I don't know any of our team that has any significant time in Maven).
> I could take a look at this. Problem is that this would be very
> difficult (and a bit pointless) as long as the other pieces are not open
> sourced. Those would need to get provided in a publicly accessible Maven
> repository to be of any use for building the open source part.

Not only that, but also the DLL loading should be extended to be able to load from an artifact. I've done some work with the "prelaunch" method in JFXtras' Application class, but there are better ways probably.


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