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Wed Dec 7 19:46:38 PST 2011

Very much love the very hard but powerful feature you describe. I would extend that a bit further if possible to include the following. 

Lets say we have an app to create drawings, then that this app can publish those drawings as HTML5/SVG web pages. Then as web users discover the published web pages via the built in meta-tags the users can simply click on a button on the web page to auto download the drawing (which is referenced by the web page and published to a the same host or even linked to lets say a Lucene/Solr index somewhere). 

Then if the clicking user does not have the drawing app it is first auto downloaded then the running app auto loads the drawing. If the user does not have JavaFX it first installs that then the app then loads the drawing. 

Consider the published drawing to be an advanced form of landing pages. So, if the maker of the drawing app wanted to publish 1000 cool drawings with different meta-tags each they would have 1000 web agents at their service serving them very well.

Another consideration for the optimal smart installer (that JavaFX can then use to dominate the world :-) would be licensing. Having optional hooks to build in something like the Nalpeiron solution would be very nice. See


On 2011-12-07, at 5:50 PM, Daniel Zwolenski wrote:

> Thanks for the in-depth info Igor. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to
> become clear to me, sorry it takes my head a while to get in gear :)

see previous message for very long text that maxed out allowable message length when attempting to send this message...

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