JavaFX Desktop deployment (offshoot from: JavaFX Maven support)

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Thu Dec 8 10:48:12 PST 2011

I think basically this comes down to:

	- Make it easy to co-bundle a JRE with the app
	- Make it easy to auto-update the app (including co-bundled JRE)

This first part is doable (and licensing any day now for JavaFX when 2.0.2 goes out will allow it). We could do with some better tools, but maybe that is a business opportunity for somebody out there :-)

The second part is interesting and also doable, though nothing like it exists yet for Java in general. However you might want to check the Sparkle framework available on Mac. Basically if you had that, but for Java, you'd be good to go. That also doesn't *need* to be part of the platform, it could be an open source project or commercial project.

But in any case, I also think these are the natural thing to want to do for many Java applications.


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