Maven JavaFx native libraries and OSGi

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Thu Dec 8 13:36:15 PST 2011

> One idea is is to put all DLL's in a Maven artifact (jar) with a
> classifier of the platform and load them from that DLL. Workaround for this
> is implemented in JFXtras, but it could easily become part of the actual
> DLL loader.

Would you see this extracting as only for developers or for runtime usage
as well? If runtime, one thing to consider is the user may not have write
permission to whatever directory the pre-loader is extracting to (e.g.
unsigned app, or only admin can write to that directory).

Also, for all cases its worth considering possible problems relating to
versioning and removing the DLLs. i.e. could be hard to work out which DLLs
are being used when something goes wrong (e.g. I've got 2.0.1 dlls
somewhere on my system but I'm using a 2.1 jar, etc).

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