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Il giorno 09/dic/2011, alle ore 09:26, Paweł Gronkiewicz ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I am member of a university team working on our diplomma now. Our
> subject is a desktop app that would help writers in writing books -
> novels mostly. One of our major goals is to make it work both on
> Windows and Linux. We are writing it in Java and we want something
> else for UI than ugly and unfriendly Swing. JavaFX 2 looks very
> promising (and would be great thing to learn and put in our resumes).
> But the question is - will it work? Is it reliable enough? Can it work
> on Linux despite no official release yet? End of 2012 is way too late
> for us, we need something working within a month. But what we need are
> just some UI controls - to make main interface, that is all menus,
> navigation, etc [similar to what Word has]. Is it possible with
> current OpenJFX release? If yes, is there any maven archetype to start
> working on the project? Or some sample app (just showing "it works!"
> when opened) to expand?

JavaFX is reliable, fast and very attractive, I would suggest this to you,
but sadly, Oracle official position is that the Linux port end of 2012...

I agree with you is too late for any practical purpose, anyway,
this is the final release date, I expect a beta way earlier than that,
(after all, there's no release for Mac either, it's still a beta),
and the good folks on this list are working hard to make it happen
sooner rather than later.

It's a bit embarrassing that a Linux version is not even in preview state,
I really don't know why it has been decided to ignore Linux since it's an
important platform, especially to attract developers, but I hope this
is going to be fixed soon...

I leave to the Oracle people a better reply on this subject.

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