Bidirectional binding with conversion

Michael Heinrichs michael.heinrichs at
Fri Dec 9 02:24:41 PST 2011

Hi Jonathan,

it is very likely that we will add other types of bindings later. With a generic unbind method, we only have to add new bind methods in the future, significantly reducing the number of methods. 

Looking back it was a mistake to make the unbind methods symmetrical to the bind methods, they should have been generic right from the start. I hope I will have a chance to fix it at some point in the future.

- Michael

On 09.12.2011, at 10:42, Jonathan Giles wrote:

> I'm sure there is a reason, but why do the unbind methods take Object rather than Property<?> or similar?
> -- Jonathan
> On Friday, 9 December 2011 7:33:30 p.m., Michael Heinrichs wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I am working on a solution for the Binding API that allows bidirectional bindings between an arbitrary property and a StringProperty. (The long term plan is to allow bidirectional bindings between two arbitrary properties in JavaFX 3.0). The request is tracked here:
>> The class javafx.beans.binding.Bindings will get two new methods:
>>     public static void bindBidirectional(Property<String>  stringProperty, Property<?>  otherProperty, Format format)
>>     public static void unbindBidirectional(Object property1, Object property2)
>> The class will also get two new methods:
>>     public void bindBidirectional(Property<?>  other, Format format)
>>     public void unbindBidirectional(Object other)
>> If parsing the StringProperty fails, the other property will be set to the default value. If formatting the arbitraty property fails, the StringProperty will be set to the empty String.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>> Michael

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