Gaja Sutra gajasutra at
Fri Dec 9 06:22:02 PST 2011

Yes, when I have a complex ListChangeListener, I am already using an inner class with the corresponding methods for each operation.
If I want to support ListChangeListener with an interface as argument, it will be by adapting it to current ListChangeListener with this idiom for splitting code in multiple simple methods and having readable code.

NB: Given its lack of internal state and its role as a contract, I have suggested the interface and not the abstract class, but this is not an important aspect for me.

Thank you,

> I'd quite like to see a simplification of list change handling, as I agree this can be a little cumbersome to implement. Given the API is already in place, perhaps your suggestion could be achieved just by having an AbstractListChangeListener (or following the Swing naming pattern, a ListChangeListenerAdapter), that provided the default looping implementation and called out to abstract methods on itself?
> Would that work?

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