Supporting the Mac OS menubar in JavaFX

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Fri Dec 9 15:34:13 PST 2011


> Another place to specify a MenuBar would be on Stage, rather than (or in
> addition to), Application. Having a MenuBar property on Stage would
> allow for the MenuBar to change based on the currently focused Stage -
> but I'm not certain this is desirable or even the expected behaviour of
> Mac OS. Therefore, I'm thinking that this is not likely to happen unless
> we hear otherwise.

Well the menu changes definately based upon the focused top-level
window. So I'm quite sure the MenuBar has to be specified on the Stage not?

I'm wondering though how you'd like to support all the themeing stuff
one is able to apply on menus/menuitems on OS-X.

IIRC I recently read in a mail from Mike Swingler that one can implement
arbitary Java Drawing post-Leopard but I'm not sure that matches the
OS-X Menubar idea and all the fancy things one can do with JavaFX.


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