Supporting the Mac OS menubar in JavaFX

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Fri Dec 9 15:36:25 PST 2011

Am 10.12.11 00:34, schrieb Tom Schindl:
> [...]
>> Another place to specify a MenuBar would be on Stage, rather than (or in
>> addition to), Application. Having a MenuBar property on Stage would
>> allow for the MenuBar to change based on the currently focused Stage -
>> but I'm not certain this is desirable or even the expected behaviour of
>> Mac OS. Therefore, I'm thinking that this is not likely to happen unless
>> we hear otherwise.
> Well the menu changes definately based upon the focused top-level
> window. So I'm quite sure the MenuBar has to be specified on the Stage not?
> I'm wondering though how you'd like to support all the themeing stuff
> one is able to apply on menus/menuitems on OS-X.


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