Maven JavaFx native libraries and OSGi

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Mon Dec 12 13:07:49 PST 2011

Just in case the people who could answer this one tuned out because of all
the other Maven stuff in the previous email, I'm just bumping this one:

> Co-bundling jfx+jre will be an interesting addition to this whole problem.
> Where will the dlls live then and will that mean just cause I have java
> installed, I'll have the jfxrt.jar automatically on my classpath and it
> will then have access to the dlls? If so all of this will be academic, we
> won't need a maven dependency, anymore than we need one for java.util or
> java.swing, etc. Can anyone elaborate on this and also the expected
> timeframe for co-bundling?

I'm particularly interested in the timeframe for the co-bundling? I've
heard vague rumours ranging from first quarter next year to somewhere in

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