Controls with Values [was Possible additions to JavaFX to facilitate forms and validations]

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Mon Dec 12 13:18:16 PST 2011

> I don't see an issue in JIRA about the ChoiceBox needing to support
> bidirectional binding -- is there one already I'm missing? I think we
> should break that out into a separate discussion from the HasValue
> proposal. I think we can discuss a solution and get a fix in for ChoiceBox
> independently. What do you think?

I was just thinking the same thing. It was actually the ChoiceBox that
really made my form framework difficult to implement and that spilled over
to the other guys. I think getting ChoiceBox sorted is the first, simple
thing to do and this might make the rest of it start to look simple again.
I have raised this:

I really like your annotation idea. Makes a lot of sense! When I get some
time (if only there was more of it!) I will play around with my form stuff
and see if that would make it easy, or if I can find any shortcomings to
this approach. I suspect it will work nicely.

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