Supporting the Mac OS menubar in JavaFX

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Mon Dec 12 14:57:27 PST 2011

>> The main information I'm after right now is the implications of the
>> decisions we make now with regard to native Mac OS menubar support. From
>> where I'm sitting, I can't see anything we will come to regret in 2.2
>> and future releases. The same API can be used in a future Ubuntu
>> scenario, and entirely different API will need to be developed for
>> features such as system tray support and Windows 7 task list support. I
>> don't get any feeling of concern about regretting this general
>> I missing anything?
> If we don't have the discussion then all we have is a gut feel for 
> now.  Most of these issues were just added to the discussion right 
> before you posted this message.  The best practice would be to draw up 
> the design for all of these possibilities and then only implement the 
> MacOS menubar pieces of it.  Failing that, are we really far enough 
> into the discussion to have that strong of an understanding?

We are definitely not far enough into the discussion to have a strong 
understanding of all native integration requirements - as you say all we 
have is gut feelings on this. That's why I ask if I'm missing anything - 
almost without doubt I am :-)

However, from my perspective, if we want to dive more deeply into a 
fully-fledged native integration discussion, then it becomes a far wider 
discussion than what I can easily facilitate. It becomes a discussion 
that should bring in the scenegraph, toolkit and glass folks as well. 
The only reason I wanted to focus the discussion on native Mac OS 
menubar integration was because we've signed up to having it done for 
2.1, and we have a very short time frame in which to implement it to 
make 2.1.

I'm more than happy to step back and try to take in the bigger picture, 
if people are wanting to elaborate further.

-- Jonathan

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