[REVIEW] Allow caller to specify no-arg controller method as an event handler

Greg Brown greg.x.brown at oracle.com
Tue Dec 13 13:22:31 PST 2011

> Nice! I support the idea of mapping to the most specific method. 

OK, I think I can probably do this pretty easily. Would you mind adding a comment to the JIRA ticket?

> Please, please, please support it binding to a method defined on any parent class, not just the child one.

This is how it currently works. Controller fields also now work this way.

> A side note to your side note. "An Introduction to FXML" it is not, especially when we have "Get Started with FXML". I feel this should be better named "FXML Reference Guide".

This was actually discussed before the 2.0 release, and we decided to stick with "Introduction" because a) the "Getting Started" guide is more of a tutorial and b) the "Introducing FXML" doc really is an introduction - it doesn't cover everything, and it isn't organized like a reference.


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