[REVIEW] Make controller instantiation customizable

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at bestsolution.at
Tue Dec 13 14:54:33 PST 2011

Am 13.12.11 22:33, schrieb Greg Brown:
>> Any chance we could have the method take the string exactly as it is defined in the FXML, rather than have FXML create a class and pass that in? I'm thinking of two scenarios for this: 1) the class being loaded is via a different classloader (i.e. my controllers and FXML are coming from a repository somewhere and loaded on demand via a custom URL classloader),
> Two reasons why I'm not sure this is the right solution:
> 1) The current design is consistent with the BuilderFactory interface, which also takes a Class.
> 2) Since FXMLLoader uses the current thread context class loader, your app has control over how the class will be loaded.

My vote would have been also on the String instead of a Class but
because the Builder API also works like this I think we should stay

I agree with Daniel that changing the Thread-Context-Classloader feels
really dirty.

The whole Class loading thing was also a problem to OSGi where there's
nothing like a global classpath and so I had to set and reset the
context classloader.

Might I suggest that you add the possibility to set a custom classloader
to FXMLLoader (FXMLLoader#setClassloader(Classloader)) which is used for
the class look up?

IMHO this would solve the OSGi and Daniels use case.


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