Gaja Sutra gajasutra at
Wed Dec 14 05:13:19 PST 2011

> What do you think about this API? 
Interesting change. I will try to use it when I will be able to put a 
hand on it, but currently I think this API is simple and good on paper 
(and useful for me). I have two small questions:

Will BaseObservableList (read-write collection) be a 
replacement/superclass of 
com.sun.javafx.scene.control.ReadOnlyUnbackedObservableList (read-only 
collection in control package)?

Will BaseObservableList and IterableChangeBuilder become public JavaFX 
API (if this API change is good)? [IterableChangeBuilder seems to have 
many changes compared to undocumented current code: names of method 
changed, etc.]


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