Maven JavaFx native libraries and OSGi

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Wed Dec 14 08:05:17 PST 2011

Am 14.12.11 17:04, schrieb Tom Eugelink:
> I'm a bit at a loss here. How about:
> - deploy javafx-rt.jar as is
> - deploy a per platform jar with all binaries and a classifier
> specifying the platform
> - the javafx.pom uses profiles (os and family) to determine what native
> jar is needed
> In a project's pom you only refer to the javafx.pom (and it will resolve
> to the correct native jar via the profiles).
> On run, find the jar containing the DLLs, extract it to a
> TEMP/<javafxversion>directory, and modify the java-library-path to
> include that.
> Tom

So this would make javafx-rt.jar grow with every platform supported,
which as outlined is probably not a good thing if you start looking at
mobile devices, not?


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